Foundational Veterinary Sciences, SVF 120 (2019 –).  First year BVN course introducing the physiology and anatomy of organ systems in common domestic animals.  Lecturer, University of Pretoria.

Veterinary Physiology & Histology, VPH 200 (2019 –).  Second year BVSc course covering the physiology and histology of the cells and tissues, endocrine system, nervous system, integument, muscle structure and function, haematology,  cardiovascular system, respiratory system, metabolic pathways, digestive system, urinary system, reproductive system, basic avian physiology and thermoregulation.  Lecturer, University of Pretoria.

Veterinary elective practice, VRE 600 (2019 –).  Fifth and sixth year BVSc course providing theoretical and practical exposure to strengthen components of veterinary science in a practice area of interest.  Lecturer, University of Pretoria.

Wildlife Health Introduction, WLS 812 (2019 –).  A postgraduate MSc (Wildlife health, ecology and management) elective module providing an introduction to wildlife health and diseases, primary animal health care and veterinary public health relevant to wildlife management.  Lecturer, University of Pretoria.

Ecophysiology of Animals, ENV BIOL 3003 (2009 – 2015).  Third year BSc course covering the physiology, ecology and behavior of animals with particular focus on how they are adapted to their environment.  Demonstrator, University of Adelaide.

Zoology, ENV BIOL 2503 (2007 – 2015).  Second year BSc course covering the diversity, evolution, physiology and morphology of animals.  Demonstrator, University of Adelaide.