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Relationship between capillaries, mitochondria and maximum power of the heart:  a meta-study from shrew

to elephant.


Functional morphology of the ankle extensor muscle-tendon units in the springhare Pedetes capensis shows

convergent evolution with macropods for bipedal hopping locomotion.

Scaling of cardiac morphology is interrupted by birth in the developing sheep Ovis aries.

Scaling of morphology and ultrastructure of hearts among wild African antelope.

Flight metabolic rate of Locusta migratoria in relation to oxygen partial pressure in atmospheres of varying

diffusivity and density.

Scaling of the ankle extensor muscle-tendon units and the biomechanical implications for bipedal hopping

locomotion in the post-pouch kangaroo Macropus

A structure-function analysis of the left ventricle.

Scaling of left ventricle cardiomyocyte ultrastructure across development in the kangaroo Macropus

Biphasic allometry of cardiac growth in the developing kangaroo Macropus fuliginosus.

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